WTF is The Paper Studio?

Our Mission: We believe in the power of connection and experience. Our product offerings focus on bringing people together, and providing an experience when read, held and shared. Known for our unique greeting cards, we also offer office supplies, journals, books, art supplies, wall prints, boxed stationery and an array of gift items. All our product is carefully curated for quality, design, humor or its story. Many companies we carry are small like our own. We work directly with these owners and designers to bring their unique products to downtown Grand Rapids.

Our Story: Grand Rapids, like many other urban areas in the U.S., was deserted in the 1960s during the time of heavy suburban and mall development, but is now becoming revitalized with a new generation. Our city is constantly changing, as historical buildings are being renovated and new styles of live/work spaces are being constructed. Local businesses and restaurants are popping up everywhere, and shoppers are realizing the importance of supporting local entrepreneurs. 

In fall 2011, one historical building was revamped and converted into a mini shopping mall (The Shoppes at MoDiv) for start-ups and local businesses. 6.25 Paper Studio was one of the first stores to open (at 350 square feet!!) in the space alongside Wolverine Shoe's new "company store". We were soon joined by other local shops to create a truly unique and valuable shopping experience. 

Our space has since moved next door to MoDiv, growing into our own 1,600 square foot store with an office/studio in the back. In 2018 we changed the name to simply be The Paper Studio (since that's what our customers called us anyways:). Our wholesale line is still named 6.25 Paper Studio and can be found all over the United States in lovely little boutiques like our own.


Our Team: I am constantly humbled by leading a team that is so genuinely passionate about our company, the products and our customers. This team inspires me daily to work harder from behind the scenes to grow and improve. 

I especially love it when I cover a shift and my customers are disappointed because they came to see one of my staff — not me! This is how I know my team is killing it and helping to spread our mission of making connections.

Much love, Abbey